Saturday, November 30, 2013


Hey all!

Its been a really long time since I last posted anything right?

Many things has hapened and I can say that im still coping with life. Day by day.

Oh and im currently working too. Its been 10months working for this current company. Well december will be my 10th month.

There are times that I feel unable to cope with work and there are times when it is alright.

Im just amazed at how others are able to handle their stressful job. Especially those who are in the advertising and accounting line of work.

Well today isn't a good day for me.
I just kept on arguing with my family members and everything seems to go wrong.

I really do feel like breaking down to cry but I couldnt. Tears would not flow. I just thought that by crying, I would feel better.

Now im stuck.
When I thought of calling a friend just to rant, no names come to mind.
But I do have a thought at the back of my head saying that they are all too busy to find time for me.

When this thought came. I do so feel upset. It's like there is something wrong with me. I dont feel close to my friends anymore. I feel really far away from them.

There are many circumstances that I can reason out such a friendship.
Eg. Friends studying abroad, too busy with work and studying, too busy with church activities... and etc.

Its like my room in the house is my only sanctuary.

After typing this I start to feel so hopeless though. With my salary, I wont be able to afford to buy a house. Im only scrapping by with my monthly salary.  What little savings I have, ill usually use it to pamper myself.

Ill usually spend it on food or buy thise korean facemask but for the past few months I had mostly spent it on  buying birthday presents.

With Christmas around the corner, there will be heaps of presents that I would need to buy as well.... gosh

Even my family, their birthdays all falls in December. ...
I foresee my money flying out of my bank account very quickly.

After typing all these. I somehow feel slight better. To those of you who had read this post till this far, I thank you for spending your precious time just to ready rant. I find that this is the only place that I could release some of the stress that I am feeling.

Ill sign off here today. Ive decided to take a nap and try to sleep away all the bad feelings that have accumulated today.

Ill see you all in my next post and until next time , stay healthy and safe!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Things I want to do in Korea

Good Morning to all of you out there!!!!

First of, I'd like to take this moment to say many thanks to the organizations that are making the Asian On Air Program happen.

I'd really like to thank you Korea Tourism Organization and Korean Air for this wonderful opportunity where I could get a chance to visit Korea! Thank you to 
buzz Korea too for sharing the event and making it known to us all~ So, Thank you, Kamsa-hamnida! *bows*

For those of you who are lost,
The Asian On Air Program enables us SNS users a chance to participate in a 4 nights, 5 days Korea tour from 22nd October to 26 October 2012.

To enter, we would need to either upload posts with photos or video clips relevant to the 
Topic: Things I want to do, see and hear in Korea. (Pick one of three) 
Participants are only allowed to submit 1 entry per person with only 1 of the topic.

Hence without further a-do, the  topic that I have chosen under the Blog and Photo category for this Asian On Air Program is :-

Things I want to do in Korea~

Korea, the fifth largest city in the world, a one-of-a-kind country that is now a place where people across the world would like to visit at least once in their lifetime. I am sure that each person would have a different motivation to visiting and getting to know more about this spectacular country. 

As for me, I'm captivated by its culture, tradition, scenery, food, fashion trend and the list goes on. Being captivated with this country, it is only natural that I would wish to go there and experience things for myself; to let all my senses be soaked in all that Korea has to offer.

Therefore, here are the list of things that I'd love to do when I get to Korea: 

1. Learn more about Korea's unique and colourful culture

When it comes to culture. I'd definitely like to learn more about the Korean language and when is the more suitable time to learn and practice it? 
Of course it'll be in Korea!

There's no other place more suitable than to put our Korean language skills to the test than the country from where it originates from. 

Fun facts of the Korean Language
Did you know that:-

  • the Korean alphabet was invented under King Sejong about 450 years ago?
  • Korean language is spoken by about 63 million people in South Korea, North Korea, Japan, China, Kazakhstan and Russia?
  • until the 1980s, Korean was written from right to left in vertical columns? Today, majority of texts are written horizontally from left to right
  • there are 24 (jamo) numbers of letters in Korean writing? The 24 jamo consists of 14 consonants and 10 vowels which will then be combined into syllable blocks. 

The calligraphy of the characters (as shown below) are just beautiful and unique don't you think?

Credit:, neomistyle/

Apart from learning the language, I'd definitely want to try out the colourful Hanbok as well!
It sure is interesting to have so many different colours used on the traditional outfit and yet the colours just sits harmoniously together showing both beauty and elegance.

The traditional outfit's roots can be found dating back to as far as 57 B.C - 668 A.D which was evidenced by wall paintings in tombs of that period.
During the olden days, it is said that commoners wore white hanbok, except during special occasions or festivals such as weddings. The upper classes wore bright coloured hanbok to indicate social status.

2 of my close friends tried on the Hanbok when they were in Korea

Hanbok Clothing Store

It is also a must to visit the historical places in Korea to further understand the culture better. I'd like to visit historical places such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace and etc.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Changdeokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace, the "Palace Greatly Blessed by Heaven" and Changdeokgung Palace, the "Palace of Prospering Virtue" are located in Seoul. Changdeokgung Palace was also added onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997 which makes this palace a place to visit even more. 

Both palaces are great places where the beautiful structure of the buildings can be viewed. Even portions of the palace was used to film the popular Korean Drama Dae Jang Geun (Jewel in the Palace). It sure is a place where I'd like to go to, to feel as if we are all transported back through time. 

National Museum of Korea

National Museum of Korea - Interior

Not to forget, another good place to learn all about Korea is the National Museum. The National Museum is the largest museum in Korea which has 6 ground floors and an underground floor. The museum opens everyday of the week except for Mondays and New Year's Day. It houses Korean cultural assets that tells the story of Korea's history from ancient time to the modern era and has approximately exhibits 15 000 pieces.

This is definitely a place to view the whole history of Korea without having the hassle to travel around the country and I would feel great to have at least set foot into the museum. =)

2. Enjoy the magnificent scenery and popular landmarks

Korea goes through 4 seasons unlike Malaysia. 

Spring - April to May
Summer - June to August
Autumn - September to November
Winter - December to March

Four seasons on the road near Cheongju
Credit: Flicker, Image from krblogyahoocomkyk1292  

Note that there are no set dates for the beginning or ending of the seasons but each seasons are more or less divided into 3 months each.

In Malaysia, we see green tropical trees and plants as it is summer all year round. With the changing of seasons in Korea, different plants grow at different times of the year, showcasing its splendour. 

Being an amateur photographer, I love to take photographs and I would so love to visit places such as Metasequoia Road, the backdrop to the popular K-drama Winter Sonata, Banpodaegyo Bridge, N Tower, Taejongdae Pebble Beach and so on to take beautiful photos. Photographs taken are meant to capture that particular moment, that particular memory and it sure will be such a joy to capture my moment of basking in all the wonders of Korea. 

Metasequoia Road, Nami Island
Credit: Korea Tourism Organization  

As it is currently Autumn in Korea, the place that I'd want to visit is the ever famous Metasequoia Road where Winter Sonata was filmed. It is 4km long and the trees were planted along the road in early 1970s and it has been selected as one of the most beautiful road in Korea. I'm sure the photos taken there would be beautiful and even the feel and scent of the trees while walking on the road can't be replaced.

Banpodaegyo Bridge over the Hangang River

It is said that the (Banpodaegyo  Bridge) Moonlight Rainbow Fountain's water jets can move in time to music as well as the hundreds of rainbow-coloured lighting combinations showing spectacular 20 minute display during the night, throughout the week. 

It is also recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World's longest bridge fountain. It would be a wonder to view such a scene and it only operates from April to October every year. It will sure be such a shame if one would miss a chance to view such an amazing scene. 


Then, there is the Namsan Tower, more known as N Tower located in Namsan Park. The 480m communication tower has 4 observation decks where the forth deck is a 360 degrees revolving restaurant that revolves every 48 minutes. This place is ever so popular among locals and tourists as the view is beautiful and the tower is fascinating. 

When I'm there, I'd really like to have a meal in the revolving restaurant especially during the night. I'm sure that the view of the city would be beautiful. I'll definitely need to bring my camera along with me to preserve such a memory and view in photographs. 

Locks of Love at Namsan Tower/ N Tower

Close up of some of the Locks at N Tower

Apart from the tower, there is an area where lovers would love to go. An interesting sight to behold I would say as thousands of locks are on the fences, hung by couples both young and old, with the keys thrown away to ensure that the vows  to never separate are kept forever.

Not forgetting to mention, this spot was also used in the filming of the Korean Drama, Boys Before Flowers which makes N Tower an even more desired place to go to.

Taejongdae Pebble Beach, Busan

Jane, a friend of mine left a pebble as a sign of leaving a memory behind to be found in the future

Another interesting place that I would not mind going to is Taejongdae Pebble Beach in Busan. A beach full of pebbles? That is definitely a first that I've heard of. I've also heard from a friend that apparently there is a 'tradition' where we pick a pebble, make a wish and place the pebble at the side, on the rocks.

Apart from the pebble beach, Taejongdae is famous for its Resort Park. There's a lighthouse too. It is stated that King TaeJong Mu-Yeol , the 29th King of Silla Dynasty had enjoyed archery at that spot.

Sounds like a nice place to go and see for ourselves right? I would totally try making my wishes at the pebble beach. hahaha!

Jeju Island

Another place I'd love to visit is Jeju Island, a volcanic island located southwest of Korean Peninsula. It is oval in shape and measures 73km from West to East and 31km from North to South. 
Jeju Island's 3 breath taking and attractive sites (Hallasan Mountain, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, Geomunoreum Lava Tube System) has been recognised as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007, it is not a wonder any more that many would travel there just to view the area. 

With such great view and nice sea breeze, just imagining being there brings a smile onto my face.

Lotte World

Last but not least in my number 2 of 'list of Things I want to do in Korea' is to go to Lotte World, backdrop to popular K-drama Stairway to Heaven. I do not just want to take pictures of the things in there but also to explore the area as well. 

Lotte World, a theme park, is located in the heart of Seoul. It is basically a good place for entertainment and sightseeing. It is also the crowned the world's largest indoor theme park by the Guinness Book of Worlds Record.

In Korean shops available over here in Malaysia, many items are branded Lotte and even one of my favourite K-Pop group, JYJ has filmed a CF for Lotte World and this has really heighten my curiosity and eagerness as Lotte World does not seem like any other ordinary theme park so, I can't wait to get there~

3. Able to experience Korea's Entertainment Industry 

Korea's Entertainment Industry that mainly consist of Korean Pop (more known as K-Pop), Korean Drama and Korean Variety Shows is what I believe to be one of the leading industries that contributes to Korea's current fame.


K-pop, a genre of music where it is currently known world-wide and this industry is known for training singers and dancers in groups or individually for many years before their debut. It really is encouraging to know that these Hallyu stars (K-pop Idols) give their all to entertain and make us good music.

I would say K-Pop is quite addictive and nice to listen to. Not only do you hear good music but we get to feast our eyes on singers dancing out good moves and after a few listens, I'm sure most listeners would get a hang of it and start singing along as well. 

For your info, K-Pop is what lead me to learn more about Korea. 
I have been a fan of K-Pop since 2006 and am still loving it. =)
The industry has 3 leading entertainment agencies in Korea; JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment. 

Many successful K-Pop celebrities are known world-wide and due to the rapid growth of K-Pop lovers around the world, other smaller agencies too are shining through with their own successful K-pop Idols. 

Examples of K-Pop Idols that are making their names apart from the mentioned below are IU, Miss A, BoA, G.NA, TVXQ, JYJ, Beast, Teen Top, A Pink, Infinite, FT Island, C.N.Blue and so on....

Here are some of the K-Pop songs that are well known. I'm sure some of you out there would recognise.

Credit: Google, Image taken from
"I want nobody, nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you..."

Credit: Google, Image taken from
"We bring the boys out, We bring the Boys out Yeah~
B-Bring the boys out..."

Credit: Google, Image taken from
"Naega jeil jal naga... je je jeil jal naga...
Bam Ratatata Tatatatata..."

Credit: Google, Image taken from
"Put your Hands Up, Put your hands up,
put, put, put, put, put, Put your Hands Up..."

Credit: Google, Image taken from
"Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry
Naega naego naega meonjeo..."

Credit: Google, Image taken from
"Nananana Nananana Wow Fantastic Baby
Dance I wanna Dan Dan Dan Dan Dance Fantastic Baby..."

Credit: Google, Image taken from
"ireohke nan ddo (Fiction Fiction Fiction)
itji mothago (Fiction Fiction Fiction)....."

Credit: Google,
"op op op op oppa Gangnam style....."

Just a random thought - wouldn't it be cool to be able to sing or dance along Hallyu Stars

K-Drama and K-Variety Show

Popular Korean Drama such as Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven, Boys Before Flowers, Iris, Secret Garden, City Hunter and Dream High as well as Variety Shows; Running Man and Family Outing do so play their part in contributing to the growing popularity of Korea.

I'd say that K-drama's story line, choice of actors and actresses, choice of filming location as well as K Variety shows' humorous jokes and antics of the cast all has a special spot in all us fans.

The dramas do captivate us with the romance and sometimes do educates us on life lessons too while the variety shows educates us more on Korea with the captivating locations.

Examples I can give are such as the Winter Sonata drama that has introduced to the world the Metasequoia Road, Boys Before Flowers having filmed at N Tower, All In having filmed at Jeju Island, and Stairway to Heaven using Lotte World as one of the main filming locations, 
Scent of a Woman has thought me to live my life to the fullest 

Scent of a Woman
Credit: Google, Image taken from

while Running Man has exposed me to so many different parts of Korea as each episode are filmed in different locations.  

Running Man
Credit: Google, Image taken from

With the exposure this industry has given, this further makes me want to visit Korea even more.

Going back onto the topic, what I meant by being able to experience Korea's Entertainment Industry is by being able to attend K-Pop concerts, attend at least one music show filming such as Music Bank, witness K-Pop Stars film their music video, witness actors and actresses film their drama or variety show.

Having to witness actors and actresses act and film their drama or variety show would be a harder chance to get by, so the top of my list to experiencing the Entertainment Industry is definitely to either attend K-Pop Concerts or attend at least one music show filming. 

Credit: Google, Image taken from

Truth be told, I have not had any chance to attend a concert before even though I really do want to do so.

In 2007, TVXQ (when they were still 5 members) held their concert here in Malaysia but I was not able to go for it due to my major SPM Examinations. The following year, I had my A-Levels and right after that, I flew off to Canberra for my studies.

During this period, I did not have any chance in attending any K-Pop concerts as they were not even held in the state that I was at or that the cost is too high (currency conversion rate plays a huge role as well)..... it really is frustrating and heart breaking too, too see my friends going for it while I could not.

I REALLY REALLY do wish for a chance that I'll be able to take part and show my support to all my favourite K-Pop stars~

4. Relish the flavours of Korea


Nothing much is needed to say in this section but to savour each dish I can get in Korea. =)
Not to mention all the Korean dishes that I've seen on the Internet or television do look so mouth watering and appetising. 

Korean Cuisine derives its flavours and taste from combinations of sesame oil, soy bean paste, soy sauce, salt, garlic, ginger, and chilli pepper that gives its distinctive spicy taste. The cuisine is also mostly based on rice , vegetables, fish and tofu that makes the food combination healthy.

I've come to known that eating the a dish made in the country of its origin and away from the country taste different due to different ingredients and conditions. Hence, I really do want to try out the following dishes in Korea (as there are loads of food that i would like to try, i've only uploaded some of it) :

 Ddokbuki! (The Image above is the one with cheese on it) 


Kimchi Porridge 

Naengmyun (Cold Noodles)

and last but not least,

5. Navigate through the shopping districts to explore Korea's amazing fashion trend.

What more can be said about shopping? 
Korea is also known for it's fashion trend. Korea has such amazing and creative design for every possible thing that we, humans can wear. Be it hats, tops, pants, skirts, bags or accessories. with its growing popularity people from all over the world are taking on this trend.



A must to go visit for Shopping are places such as Myeong-dong Market, Dongdeumun Market and COEX Mall.

Myeong-dong Market

Myeong-dong Street is about 1km long and all kinds of brand names and departmental stores are all along the streets and alleyways. Apart from clothes, shoes and accessories, Myeong-dong has restaurants as well to feed the eager shoppers who are hungry halfway through their shopping spree.

Dongdeamun Market - Elevator view
Credit: Google, Image taken from

Dongdeamun Market

Dongdaemun Market is one of Korea's representative markets as it is the largest of its kind in Asia. There are over 5000 shops in this district selling everything of the latest fashion trend and is a must-visit fashion market for all.


COEX Mall, Asia's largest underground shopping mall is located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. It is about 85000 square metres and is situated in the basement of Korea World Trade Centre. There are plenty of attractions available here apart from the long stretch of shopping centres.

These three places are a sure thing on my trip list if I were to set foot into Korea~ 

To sum it up, the main thing that I would want to do is to L.E.A.R.N. and experience everything I can about Korea.

Note that as I have never been to Korea, all the above photos are taken from my friends (Jane and Jeannette with their permission) unless stated otherwise.
Credits are labelled under the photos.

References to information on places:


Reasons to why I should be selected to join Asian On Air Program

1. I never had the chance to visit Korea
Korea has been one of the top two countries that I have wanted to go to the most but due to certain circumstances, I missed the chances and am not able to afford going. I still make do with watching Korean broadcast, Variety Shows and visit webpages to view and learn about Korea but this once-in-a-lifetime chance is a DREAM that I do not want to miss EVER!!

2. I try my best in getting closer to Korea with what I can do.
I follow closely the Running Man Variety Show series to see more of Korea and of course watch the antics of the cast as well as visit websites and forums like to get latest news on the Entertainment Industry and etc. 

Apart from that, to get a taste of Korea's food. I've even tried cooking up Korean dishes (using ingredients available in Malaysia). Here's my picture of my very own home-cooked Bibimbap.

3. I have large friend network
Being a K-pop fan since 2006, I have joined various K-pop forums and have made quite a number of K-pop friends. Also, while being an International Student when I was studying in Canberra, I had been around with other International students resulting in myself having friends from different countries.
Hence, I do have a large friend network that I can share my experiences of the trip and spread the word about Korea as well.

4. I do my best to make post more interesting
By having joined this Asian On Air Program, I have put in creative ideas to segmenting my points as well as putting in choices of captivating images that best represent the point made to make the post a more interesting read. By winning and getting a chance to be a part of the Asian On Air Program would enable me to further spread word of Korea by writing a travel diary as well as sharing it out and i'm sure many fellow travellers who love to travel would enjoy the information that will be provided.

So, Please do give me the chance to fulfil my once-in-a-lifetime dream of travelling in Korea! I'm sure that you will not regret in choosing me.

To the organizers of Asian On Air Program; Korea Tourism Organization and Korean Air, I thank you once again for giving me this opportunity to be a step closer to achieving my dream of travelling to Korea! Kamsa-hamnida!

Monday, September 17, 2012

New Resolution

Hello once again to all my fellow readers,

It is already September and 3/4 of the year is gone.
I've been many ups and downs during the past few months trying to adjust myself to my surroundings.
It's been about a little over 5 months since I got back to Malaysia and I've pretty much got used to my home and the surroundings. The only problem that I have is that I am not fully adjusted to the weather yet.
real funny but it's true that I find it real hot and humid over here and i've been trying my best to find a cool place to go to instead of the hot humid areas outdoors.

As mentioned in my previous post, I'll be searching for a different field to explore in and due to this,
I'm pretty much frustrated.
I began to do some self-reflection, I took a look at my past, my achievements, and the road that I had taken up till today.
I'm still at the fork road, not knowing where I should go next, not knowing what to do....


well, after thinking, contemplating and all, I've come to a decision to try to do my best in everything that I'll come across. I noticed that I'm a quiet person and I tend to worry a lot and also sometimes think too much too. Due to this, I would say that I had missed a lot of opportunities.

Being the type of person that worries, thinks too much, I found myself to have quiet low in confidence and now,
I have decided to change!
I'm going to take things slow and change my life slowly.
I know it'll be a challenge but i've got to start somewhere.
I'm going to take a step further and see what that will lead up too.

I used to be the one thinking I'm not the lucky one, lucky draws, competitions are those that I stay away.
In my head, I'll be thinking that I never gotten lucky, who am I to win a competition?, what do i have that's special enough to win something?
these are the questions that always play in my head which leads me to not participating a lot.

Since accessing myself, I've come to know that I actually don't know much about myself.
what are my strengths? what are my gifts? what am I good at?
I honestly can't answer them.
When I sat out of all the possible competitions, activities, I had lost all those opportunity in finding out all the answers that I had just written out.
When one don't try it out, one wont find out.

Jackson Brown had a saying;

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

And I believe by doing so, will I only know more about myself, and then too, will I be able to achieve things that I did not before.

My first step towards overcoming my old self is to participate in a competition that is currently going on online.
I have had many pass me by and I shall make sure that I submit my entry.
I do hope that I'll qualify and win a chance to Korea (It's one of my dreams to do so). 

If you are curious, do take a look and participate too. Who knows i'll see you there~ (If I make it XP)

Okay, so here's the details about the competition.
It's basically organised by Korea Tourism Organisation, buzz Korea and Korean Air and it is called Asia On Air Program.
Contestants just need to submit either a video or a blog entry according to the given topic.
For more information, feel free to click onto the image below and it'll link you to the page.
Dateline is 23rd of September and the results will be out on the 28th so I wish you good luck, if any of you are taking part.

buzz KOREA invites buzz KOREA members to Asian On Air Event

So... yeah, that's all from me for today. I hope my post has touched at least some of you reading out there.
To those of you who are exactly like me, I do hope that you'll take the first step to change your old self as I am.
It'll be great to know and an encouragement to know that you or I am not the only one that is going through this stage of life.

Anyway, I wish you all Good Luck in everything that you do!!!
Until next time~

Grace Kwong JL.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hey readers!!

It's been awhile right?
Well today, I shall be updating on my thoughts and where i am at.
First off, I shall announce that I am already working!!
I'll give you a hint.. I'm working in the advertising line.
I got to say that what we learn in uni and what we need to apply for work are totally different.
I definitely am having difficulties with getting used to working life. It is very stressful.
Totally needs a lot of discipline and dedication to work, not to mention lots of long hours of work too.
I'm not going to say much about my work place but I find it real stressful and the advice i can give to all of you out there who are thinking of going into advertising, is that those who are working in this line, loves Advertising. So go for it if you really have the passion for it.
From my point of view, advertising is not really my cup of tea after having now experiencing it first hand.
I shall be off exploring into another industry pretty soon.

I'm currently feeling lost as to what am i able to do since i dont find advertising to be the line of work i cant take on. What am I able to do? What do i like to do? I really am searching for answers to these sort of questions.....

Enough about work, I shall now jump onto the next topic that has been on my mind---K.Pop!

It has been awhile since I have updated myself with Kpop. I totally miss it.
So much has happened and there are so many new girl and boy groups as well as new songs!
Currently I cant help but to mentioned the Gangnam Style fever that has been going around. Friends and family has been mentioning about it.
Even on youtube, it has many views... if you dont believe me, have a look *points below*

The beat sure is addicting even after a few times listening to it, i can pretty much recognise the song from hearing bits and pieces of the song.

other than that, i've been listening to IU a lot... hehehe
currently, IU's You and I are on repeat and I just cant get enough of the song.
have a listen, who knows you'll like it as well hehehe
The MV is below~

I really do like the song and even the clothes she wears is really nice. I so do want to be able to wear the type of outfit she does and look as pretty and adorable as she is >.<

here's another song that gets me through the days...
Sea of Moonlight

IU's beautiful voice really shines in this song and it gives off a really nice vibe that somehow makes me feel that everything will be okay for me for the day.

Well, I'll write till here this time. I hope the MVs shared will help/inspire or even bring laughter to you readers~
until next time!!! See Ya!